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The Asian Entertainment Association was established with the aim of advancing and recognizing the development of minority entertainers to the industry. Asian Entertainment, Asian entertainment News, Asian Actors, Asian Actress, Asian Model, Asian Celebrity, Asian Talents
asian entertainment, asian entertainment news, asian actors, asian actress, asian model, asian celebrity, asian talents
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About Us

Who we are

Who We Are

We’re a group of thoughtful people with background in Casting, Production, Media, Marketing and Talent Agency, etc., who volunteers their valuable time to educate, make awareness and simply having a goal in creating a better solutions towards advancement for global entertainment opportunities.

Asian Entertainment Association is recognized as an primary source center of information related
to actors and entertainers, categories includes Models, Dancers, Singers, Musicians and
professional people in Production and in Post-Productions.

What We Do

Each year Thousands of  volunteered hours is dedicated in making our association and our website successful to better help talents, businesses and various organizations.

Each day, we monitor and collect press information, categorized ethnic casting breakdowns as well as researching individuals and companies to network towards industry advancement.

Our goal is to influence and to improve the recognition of Talents and their entertainment accomplishments as well as to provide a central point of focus, gathering and representing the views of  the sector to broadcasters, studios, government, companies and any other interested party.


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Asian buying power has measured $509 billion in 2009 and is expected to increase by 337% from

1990-2009, and by 2014 Asian buying power is forecasted to reach $697 billion in spending.