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Membership FAQ
The Asian Entertainment Association was established with the aim of advancing and recognizing the development of minority entertainers to the industry. Asian Entertainment, Asian entertainment News, Asian Actors, Asian Actress, Asian Model, Asian Celebrity, Asian Talents
asian entertainment, asian entertainment news, asian actors, asian actress, asian model, asian celebrity, asian talents
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What is the age limit to join?  All age groups are welcome
What if I live in another country?  Anyone can join and can benefit from our networking program as well as other membership benefits.
Do I have to be full or part Asian to join?  This is the most common question that’s asked, Asian Entertainment Association welcomes anyone and any businesses who supports our cause and vision. Your membership helps us support current and future entertainers and also allows us to work more effective toward creating various educational programs for our members
What are my payment option?  You can pay by any major credit card online or via phone. Checks are also accepted by mail and should be payable to Asian Entertainment Association.
What happens after I register online? First thing, log in and complete your talent profile page by filling in the important information fields.  Should you need our help, based on your information provided we will then create your talent profile page within 2-3 business days. Confirmation email will be emailed to you upon development.
How do I upgrade from General membership to Industry Membership? You can go to Registration menu and under Professional category click “Upgrade Membership”. All of your information including your user name and password will stay the same.
How do I renew my membership?  You can renew your membership online at “General Membership” page under the “Membership Renew” link otherwise you should receive an renewal option by email 30 days prior to due date.
How do I notify the association of email, address, phone, etc. changes?  You can send your request by email at [email protected] and changes should take effect within 48 hours.
Is membership refundable?  Unfortunately, membership dues are non-refundable. Thank you for your understanding.