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The Asian Entertainment Association was established with the aim of advancing and recognizing the development of minority entertainers to the industry. Asian Entertainment, Asian entertainment News, Asian Actors, Asian Actress, Asian Model, Asian Celebrity, Asian Talents
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If you’ve been asked to online audition for any of the projects please click “Auditon” button and it will direct you to the audition page.
Please note that online audition site is only up during the scheduled time of the project.

Questions regards to your audition time please contact the casting director or individual who had scheduled the project (Recording will not work for most mobile devised).

Not a Industry Talent Member Yet?

Online Audition Service Available For Casting Directors

Little Airplane Productions
Jash Casting - Jory Weitz
Little Big Shot
Broad Cast
Yumi Takada Casting
Anissa Williams
Bok Creative
Food Network
Mel and Liz Casting
Vicki Goggin
Broad Cast
Armstrong Casting
Alyson Horn
Dan Bell Casting
David Kang Casting
LA Casting Center