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Promoting Diversity -
The Asian Entertainment Association was established with the aim of advancing and recognizing the development of minority entertainers to the industry. Asian Entertainment, Asian entertainment News, Asian Actors, Asian Actress, Asian Model, Asian Celebrity, Asian Talents
asian entertainment, asian entertainment news, asian actors, asian actress, asian model, asian celebrity, asian talents
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Promoting Diversity


The Asian Entertainment Association is committed to increasing entertainment industry’s awareness of diversity and increasing the extent to which they value its significance. Our diversity program has been developed to support, advocate and to assist in developing plans for diversity throughout our entertainment industry.

We believe in working together to examine situations and ideas from diverse perspectives and while many of the benefits of a companywide diversity programs are internal,companies that actively develop and build a diversity they then can use that factor in creating a positive public image.

As our world becomes increasingly diverse, that same diversity also needs to be reflected in our entertainment industry. To make this goal a reality, it is imperitive that we ensure access to various programs to help build successful diversity systems. And, we cannot do this without your help.

Supporting or getting involved in our diversity program will insure better success that more diversity is carried on in the entertainment industry.